Ensure Your Home Inspector Is Qualified!

Home inspectors are regulated by individual state governments, rather than by federal regulation. Each state differs on their requirements, with some states having little to no regulation. So, how can you know that the inspector you hire is qualified, experienced and someone you can trust?

Sun Home Inspecion is a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI — www.internachi.org). InterNACHI is the only association that requires applicants for membership to meet specific requirements upfront. InterNACHI turns down more than half its applicants each year, because they fail to meet InterNACHI’s standards of qualification. Then, to keep its membership, a home inspector must adhere to the association’s standards of practice and code of ethics. Here are some of their requirements for membership:

  • Must pass a home inspector’s examination upon application, as well as annually, to ensure its membership is truly qualified as a home inspector and keeping up on the latest developments of the industry.
  • Must pass InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice exam and abide by these high standards in their dealings with clients.
  • Once the exams have been passed, the applicant must produce an Affidavit, attesting to their experience.
  • Once membership is conferred, all member home inspectors must adhere to InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics, and fulfill annual continuing education requirements.

Compared to other home inspector associations, InterNACHI has some tough qualifications for membership; however, you can be assured that a home inspector, who is a member of InterNACHI, will be qualified, experienced and have your best interests at the forefront with honesty and trust

Look for the international home inspectors’ association to which they belong at their web site. If it isn't InterNACHI, you have no guarantees that the home inspector is truly qualified. Also, ensure they are actually a member and not a candidate (which means their qualifications have not yet been scrutinized) or an associate (who has just paid for their association with the group, rather than actually qualifying).

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