Home maintenance checkup

In a home, very few things are maintenance free.  Proper and on-going maintenance of the house’s structural and mechanical systems is essential to retaining and increasing the value of a home.

A maintenance checkup involves a thorough inspection of a home and property every three to five years, which can yield significant returns.  Inspections can identify and monitor certain conditions and components that may lead to safety hazards for family members and detect potential problems before they become serious and costly.

Preventative maintenance can help to avoid repairs, extend the life expectancy of many components of the house and in some cases, reduce energy consumption and cost.

A typical maintenance checkup includes:

 Roof  Outdoor drainage  Fireplace & Chimney  Furnaces & Air Cond.  Porches & Decks
 Faucets  Smoke detectors  Basement walls  Windows & Doors  Foundation

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